Colorado Grooms Workshop

How to score points on the wedding day…


Wedding industry leader and Amore’ DJ Entertainment’s “wedding-idea-machine” (Matt Martindale) has told us stories.  Lots of them.  Having personally worked over 1,319 Colorado weddings and receptions over the years, let’s face it, there’s a lot of “knuckle head” Grooms out there.  Sometimes…

  • Grooms that act like they don’t care.
  • Grooms that get drunk the night before the wedding…or worse yet, at the wedding.
  • Grooms that show up late to the wedding.
  • Grooms that ignore the Bride the entire night, hanging out with his buddies at the bar.
  • Grooms that have an endless well of lame excuses, like:

“Hey Honey, they’re replaying Super Bowl XXXII, and you know how much I love the Broncos.”

“The Wedding Planner was hitting on me last time, so you better go on without me.”

“I got into a fist fight.  It hurts a little, but boy, you should see your dad.”

  • Grooms who speak before thinking.
  • Grooms who let stress get to them…and take it out on the Bride.
  • Grooms who invite friends, family, or worse yet, their buddies on the honeymoon.  Really!?!

In the end, your man really wants to help.  He really does.  He wants to be the secret “superstar” on YOUR wedding day to make YOU shine, but probably has no idea where to start.  It’s because guys don’t know “the rules of the game,” and how to “score” points.

This interactive, fun workshop is designed to help him understand things that will happen on YOUR wedding day…and more importantly, Matt will leave him wanting to be an eager participant in creating YOUR wedding day; ensuring it’s fun, memorable, unique, and most of all, romantic.

Oh, and the best part?

This workshop  is such a fresh, new, creative idea by Matt, but add in his unparalled reputation in the Colorado wedding industry, and many sponsors and other wedding professionals also want to help out the fellas.

(For Groom’s comments after the workshop, look under the section “Groom’s Notes” to the left.)

Coming to Fort Collins on Tuesday, May 13th 6pm at Dora Grace Bridal  featuring Colorado’s ONLY Groom’s Workshop! Come at 4pm – 6pm for in store specials!   (2700 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO)


Coming to Denver on Wednesday, May 14th 6:30pm – 8:00pm at  Footers Catering (come 6pm-6:30pm for light refreshments and a welcome party by the awesome folks at Footers Catering)


(Brides and Grooms are welcome to come together.  A session for Grooms, and a separate session for Brides.  Brides ARE welcome at the “Bride’s only” session being held at the same time and Matt chats with the fellas. An RSVP is required for attendance. 

1)         Go to Facebook, type in Colorado Grooms Workshop and become a “fan” (like) to be eligible for a “fan only” special drawings at this event!

2)         Then, go to to RSVP for the workshop.  Please include first and last names of the Bride & Groom, wedding date, location, email addresses and cell numbers to be notified of prizes.  (if you have questions, please call 970.215.2690 or email

3)      Please visit with workshop sponsors on the list provided for specials offered to attendees only.


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