Colorado Grooms Workshop

How to score points on the wedding day…

Groom’s Notes

Well, we’ve been told it’s really top-secret, locked in a vault, and guarded by real life ninjas, Navy Seals and such.  Seven time award winning Colorado wedding DJ from Amore’ DJ Entertainment, Matt Martindale, hasn’t even shared it with us, but he did send us a quote from a couple  of his recent “graduates” from the Colorado Groom’s Workshop:

“Man, about the Colorado Grooms Workshop, a lot of great stuff, even in the “crash course!!”  I was so glad it gave me a chance to put the spotlight back on my Bride.  Another thing I got a kick out of is on our honeymoon we were driving, talking about the previous days events, and we talked about some of the special things you suggested.  Several now are a special keepsake from that day.  Thank you so much for sharing those pearls with me!”  Adam H. 

“It was great looking at the whole situation with a different set of eyes, to see things from her perspective really helped.  My advice to the other guys: listen to Matt, he has lots of tips and ideas, and knows how it really is on the wedding day.  Take his advice, even some of it, and you’ll be just like Matt says, the Hero, and your new wife the Princess!  All I can say – it’s brilliant!”  Kevin S.               

“Talking with Matt before the wedding was great!  I learned a lot from all of his experience with weddings and what people enjoy, just some little hints and suggestions that truly made our wedding and reception the best that it could be.  He has a great amount of respect for each couple and he makes what he does about the Bride and Groom, not about himself – which is an amazing quality.” Matthew E.

…then, here’s a sneak peek from part of a transcript from Matt Martindale’s last workshop:

 “Guys, it’s really pretty simple.  There are things that will score you points on your wedding day, and things that will lose you points. I’m going to take the time to explain the REAL rules of the game (from her perspective), and then translate them (using guy talk) to help you understand what she really means, what she thinks, and how she feels about ‘HER‘ wedding.  Remember, this is the day she’s probably dreamed of since playing with princess dolls when she was 5 years old.  You now have the true once in a lifetime chance to be the Prince and make this fairytale day unique, creative, fun and most of all…romantic.

The question is, do you know the REAL rules to the game?

By the end of our short time together, you’ll understand the REAL rules, have a fun game plan of what to do with some practical, simple ideas, and have a creative energy leaving you eager to easily “engage” and ultimately, secretly shine on your wedding day, all the while, making HER the REAL star!”

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