Colorado Grooms Workshop

How to score points on the wedding day…


Meeting with Grooms individually before the wedding now for several years, “wedding-idea-machine” and award winning Colorado wedding DJ, Matt Martindale with Amore’ DJ Entertainment, will be talking to Colorado GROOMS in a fun, interactive workshop about how to make YOUR Colorado wedding day EXTRA special.  Matt will go through tons of ideas how to surprise her and make her smile.

Here’s an example:

Traditionally, the Groom gives a little something to the Bride on her wedding day…maybe a posh piece of jewelry, or something simple as a sentimental note.  Either way, the goal is to honor the Bride, but to make him “the man,” what if he were to give something small to your MOH as a “thank you gift” for being with you day in and day out leading up to the wedding.  Seriously – give your MOH props?  Yes.


…and there’s a lot more where that come from!

All of Matt’s many, many ideas are original, genuine, heart-felt, and totally deserving of lots of oohs and aahs.

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